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Kubernetes: Everything you should know - 101 Session
25 March 2022

Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is holding a Community Meetup at B-HUB powered by Stackgenie on Saturday 9 April to host a discussion on “Kubernetes: Everything You Should Know-101 Session”.

Join in and explore this incredible cloud native platform, the tools it offers, and the possibilities it holds!

This event is perfect for: SREs, DevOps, Platform Engineers, Developers and tech enthusiasts and aspirants. We look forward to meeting you!


Event Details

Date: 9th April 2022, Saturday

Time: 10 AM

Session Mode: Offline

Location: B-HUBB-HUB, Nalanchira

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  1. Introduction
  2. Kubernetes 101 for Developers
    1. Development Tools
    2. Kubernetes Components
    3. Extending k8s
    4. Custom Resources
    5. Operators
  3. Kubernetes 101 for DevOps/SREs
    1. Managing Container Images
    2. Packaging Application Configurations in Kubernetes
    3. Deploying to Kubernetes
    4. Handling Workload Efficiently on Kubernetes
    5. Observability
  4. Q&A


Thank you to everyone that joined the event, for those that would like a recap on what was covered, please watch the videos below.


Kubernetes 101 for Developers


Kubernetes 101 for DevOps/SREs


If you’re interested in finding out more about Kubernetes, please do get in touch.