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About Us

Stackgenie is an innovative cloud consultancy that transforms your technological infrastructure into scalable and agile systems for better customer experience and ROI through cost-effective means.

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    We Assess

    We analyze your existing monolithic infrastructure to identify the various components, their dependencies, and ease of migration.

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    We Strategize

    Our industry experts develop an in-depth strategy for migrating high-benefit, low-risk components to the cloud, providing maximum value for your business.

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    We Develop

    We use cutting-edge cloud technologies to implement the best pathway to going cloud-native, be it through microservices, cloud migration, or even API integration.

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    We Innovate

    We advocate continued cloud innovation to give your business growth velocity and competitiveness.

Transforming You

How We Transform You

Digital transformation is a journey towards agility, superior customer experience and scalability.

Your business can gain a competitive edge and deliver an exceptional customer experience with the power of:

  • Cloud Infrastructure to enhance performance
  • Artificial Intelligence to detect customer patterns, and
  • Machine Learning to adapt to customer preferences

Get expert insight and efficient resources to quickly and effortlessly transform your business.

what we do?

How We Support You

Augment and enhance your people capabilities throughout your digital transformation journey with us partnering and working as an extension of your team.

Take advantage of our comprehensive, complementary, and collaborative support matrix.

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Ensure transformation for optimal performance.
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Keep digital transformation focused on budget-friendly practices.
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Bring in expert talent to drive innovation.
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Drive transformation through focused strategy and highly skilled people.
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Gain data-backed insights from customer preferences.
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Go beyond existing technologies to make your business agile, secure, and streamlined.
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Identify custom strategies to give you a competitive edge.
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Augment your existing business systems with tailored support plans.

Our Acceleration Strategy

We have successfully facilitated numerous digital transformation projects across several industries. Our success is greatly due to the acceleration strategy that we employ in every project without fail.

1 Aggregate
We aggregate information on your industry, product/service, and customer.
2 Strategize
Our industry experts strategically migrate high-benefit, low-risk components to the cloud, providing maximum value for your business.
We test the options to zero down on the best options.
4 Build
We scale up the development to cover the needs identified.
5 Innovate
We engage in relentless innovation to ensure that your business benefits from the best technology available.

Our Partners

Expert cloud consultancy

What Our Experts Do For You

We create a supportive environment of cultural inclusion, camaraderie, and limitless brainstorming at our workplace. This has spawned some of the most ingenious and innovative ideas for circumventing challenges that our customers have faced.

While working with our customers in executing a project from beginning to end is something we enjoy, we understand that they sometimes just need our support through specific phases of a project, or even for maintenance. Whatever be the need, we bring our best to the table consistently. Our technology expertise covers, but is not limited to, the following: