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Established in 2020

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We drive business growth through the seamless adoption of cloud-native technologies with our cutting-edge products and services.

Ignite Growth with Our Cloud-Native Solutions!

Ignite growth with our cloud-native solutions! Committed to fostering innovation, we actively contribute to open-source projects and engage with the community. Elevate your business with our cutting-edge technology expertise offerings and join us in shaping the future together.

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Foundations of Stackgenie: Our Values in Action

Get Stuff Done
We take responsibility for our tasks, learn from mistakes, and make sure to provide excellent results for our customers quickly.
Be Candid
Truth is the foundation of trust. Communicate and provide feedback honestly, as it fuels our continuous learning.
Shaping Tomorrow
Shaping the Future: We solve today’s problems creatively and think ahead, making sure our company and customers are always ahead of the game.
Lead with Integrity
We treat each other and our customers with respect, honesty, and openness in all our actions.
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Embark on an exciting journey with us! Join a dynamic team where innovation, collaboration, and growth thrive. Discover rewarding opportunities and be a part of a community that values your contributions. Let’s bring the Cloud Native Revolution together.!

Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar

CEO and Founder

“Guiding a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence at StackGenie. We empower every team member to contribute their best, fostering a dynamic environment where success and growth are shared goals. Together, we’re shaping the future of the industry.”