The Core Four

We accelerate your growth with our time-tested Core-Four.

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    We Assess

    We analyze your existing monolithic infrastructure to identify the various components, their dependencies, and ease of migration.

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    We Strategize

    Our industry experts develop an in-depth strategy for migrating high-benefit, low-risk components to the cloud, providing maximum value for your business.

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    We Develop

    We use cutting-edge cloud technologies to implement the best pathway to going cloud-native, be it through microservices, cloud migration, or even API integration.

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    We Innovate

    We advocate continued cloud innovation to give your business growth velocity and competitiveness.

Why Us

1. Security

Security is at the center of every developmental and operational task that we undertake. Optimizing the security of your technology applications ensures robust performance without compromising on data protection.

2. Automation

Our team of experts in cloud technologies assesses your existing private, public, hybrid, or legacy infrastructure to locate opportunities for automation, thereby increasing system efficiency and competitiveness.

3. Experience

Our years of experience in the software and cloud industry gives us intrinsic knowledge on fail-proof methods of assessment and implementation that give you the benefit of faster turnaround time, minimal use of resources, and growth in ROI.

4. Freedom

When working with us, you can experience freedom and peace of mind knowing that your migration or development projects are being managed by cloud experts, giving you the bandwidth to focus your energy on core skills that impact business growth.

5. Everything as Code

By keeping development, operations, and security in sync while automating your IT environment, we stay true to our promise of treating “everything as code”.

Our Culture

1. Inclusive

We practice inclusiveness not just in terms of acceptance and fair treatment to all employees but also concerning ideas and suggestions. We strive to give every due weightage while processing it without bias. Many of our better ideas have stemmed forth from this principle.

2. Collaborative

Maintaining an atmosphere of approachability, cooperation, and acceptance helps ensure that our people feel safe, happy, and valued. Our shared culture of celebrating cultural and individual similarities and differences helps keep everyone positive and productive.

3. Transparent

We believe in openness in our work culture. This principle translates to the freedom of speaking one’s mind, the receptiveness to accept change, the generosity to attribute credit where due, and the honesty to give each day our very best.



Drive secure and compliant enterprise-wide transformation in banking, capital market, and payment sectors.


Access scalable cloud services to operate sophisticated analytics and compliant business processes across the insurance sector.


Accelerate your growth, versatility and scalability through innovative cloud-based technology and support.