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Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

As a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider with Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Stackgenie offers Kubernetes support, consulting and professional services for businesses and organisations wanting to migrate to cloud technologies, or improve their existing cloud infrastructure.

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is one of the leading cloud technologies that allows you to deploy modern applications that are agile, scalable and cost efficient. As a portable, extensible, open-source platform, Kubernetes manages containerised workloads and services allowing you to future-proof your business through cloud-native adoption.

Kubernetes Benefits for your Business

Using Kubernetes to manage and facilitate your containerised workloads and services allows you to create and deploy agile applications. It also allows for continuous development, integration and deployment, providing reliable and frequent container image builds and deployments with the capability of quick and efficient rollbacks. As an application-centric management system, each application can be deployed and managed dynamically and not as a monolithic stack.

Kubernetes provides a framework to run resilient systems with no downtime that automatically manage scaling and failover requirements for your applications. Kubernetes can also load balance and distribute your network traffic to ensure deployment stability too.

Our Cloud Native Partners

The backbone of our cloud-native ecosystem capabilities stems from the depth of expertise of our strategic partners in the cloud, container, IT infrastructure, and microservices architecture domains.

Stackgenie Kubernetes Services
Kubernetes Advisory

Migrating to Cloud-Native can feel complicated and costly. However, our Kubernetes experts can assess your unique needs and explain how best to adopt and deploy kubernetes, as well as offer advice on industry best practices including security and RBAC (role-based access control).

Kubernetes Implementation, Support & Maintenance

Whilst the Kubernetes container management and orchestration is known for being complex to set up and implement, our extensive knowledge and experience as a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider means we can not only implement and deploy your applications, but we can provide continuous support and maintenance, following industry best practices, too.

Infrastructure Optimization's

For existing Kubernetes-based applications, our Kubernetes experts optimise your infrastructure to improve agility, scalability and cost efficiency.

Application Migration Assessment

We assess your existing applications’ suitability to migrate over to a Kubernetes infrastructure.

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