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IT Company Achieves Faster Development with DevOps Transformation

A leading software development firm transformed their process using DevOps, boosting efficiency, reducing time-to-market, and enhancing collaboration. Learn how Stackgenie helped them achieve success.

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About the Customer


The Client is a premier IT company in the USA, with a primary focus on software development. With over 100+ clients, they have established a reputation for delivering high-quality solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients. The company was facing challenges with its software development process, which was slow and inefficient. They were looking for a DevOps solution that could help them automate their development, testing, and deployment processes to improve efficiency and reduce time to market.

Go Faster, Go DevOps.

We cut release times in half, enhanced developer productivity by 20%, and achieved seamless CRM scaling with our proven DevOps practices.
These challenges combined to create a development environment that was slow, inefficient, and unable to meet the growing demands of the client's business.
Manual and Siloed Development Process
Development, testing, and deployment were handled manually, leading to slow and error-prone cycles. Siloed teams lacked seamless communication and collaboration, further hindering efficiency.
Limited Visibility and Tracking
The client lacked real-time insights into the development process, making it difficult to track progress, identify bottlenecks, and address issues promptly.
Frequent Deployment Delays
Traditional waterfall methodology resulted in infrequent releases, delaying new features and updates for customers. This limited adaptability and responsiveness to market demands.
Repetitive Manual Tasks
Developers and operations teams were burdened with repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks, reducing their capacity for more strategic and innovative work.
Stackgenie partnered with the client to tailor a DevOps solution addressing their specific needs, including:
Modernized Infrastructure
Upgraded their on-premise environment with latest tools and hardware to support DevOps practices.
Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD)
Implemented a Jenkins-powered CI/CD pipeline for streamlined development, testing, and deployment.
Version Control
Established an on-premise GitLab instance integrated with Jenkins and SonarQube for seamless collaboration and environment transitions.
Automated Testing
Integrated automated testing with Jenkins and SonarQube to detect and resolve bugs earlier, improving software quality.
The DevOps project delivered significant benefits for the Client, including:
50% Faster Time-to-Market
CI/CD accelerated software releases, enabling quicker response to market demands and competitive advantage.
Enhanced Collaboration
DevOps workflow fostered communication and shared responsibility, resulting in a more cohesive and efficient team.
Increased Efficiency
Automation minimized manual errors and time-consuming tasks, freeing up developers for higher-value work.
Improved Software Quality
Early bug detection with automated testing led to fewer production issues and a better user experience.

Key Learnings


  • Effective Communication: Open and consistent communication across teams is vital for DevOps success. Regular meetings and shared goals ensure alignment and smooth implementation.
  • Modern Infrastructure: Outdated infrastructure can hinder DevOps capabilities. Investing in modern tools and hardware lays the foundation for future innovation and growth.
  • Training & Development: Equipping teams with proper training on new tools and processes minimizes resistance to change and fosters adoption of the DevOps workflow.

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