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Secure & Scalable Fleet Management App: A Stackgenies Platform Engineering Success Story

Elevate your fleet management app with Stackgenies’ secure & scalable cloud solutions. Expert platform engineering ensures data protection, performance, & seamless growth.

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A US-based fleet management company aiming to bridge the gap between expensive private transport and crowded public options. They provide commuters with optimised routes, affordable transit, and comfortable travel in premium vans, accessible through user-friendly Android and iOS apps.

Streamlining the Engine

Unleash the power of your platform with agility and efficiency at your core.
These challenges combined to create a development environment that was slow, inefficient, and unable to meet the growing demands of the client's business.
Real-time tracking
Users rely on the app’s real-time van tracking for efficient trip planning and avoiding delays.
Data privacy & security
Protecting user data, including names, contact details, and payment information, is paramount
Scalability & reliability
Ensuring a seamless and secure experience for a growing user base.
Repetitive Manual Tasks
Developers and operations teams were burdened with repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks, reducing their capacity for more strategic and innovative work.
Stackgenie, leveraging its deep platform engineering expertise, partnered with the client to address these challenges
Enhanced security
Implemented robust security measures and continuous monitoring processes to identify and mitigate potential threats. This proactive approach goes beyond simple DevOps and showcases the deeper security focus of platform engineering.
Well-Architected Landing Zone
Designed and implemented a highly secure and scalable cloud infrastructure based on industry best practices and aligned with the client’s specific needs. This highlights the platform engineering skill of building and managing optimized cloud environments.
Standardised Infrastructure with Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
Utilised Terraform to automate infrastructure provisioning and management, ensuring consistency, repeatability, and reduced risk of human error. This demonstrates the platform engineering commitment to code-driven infrastructure and automation.
Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD)
Implemented a Jenkins-powered CI/CD pipeline for streamlined development, testing, and deployment.
The DevOps project delivered significant benefits for the Client, including:
Eliminated security vulnerabilities
The platform engineering approach effectively addressed security concerns, ensuring user data protection and compliance with regulations.
Optimised cloud infrastructure
The secure and scalable architecture delivered maximum performance and facilitated future growth.
Automated deployments
IaC ensured reliable and efficient infrastructure management, reducing operational overhead.
Enhanced user experience
Improved security and performance fostered trust and a seamless user experience.

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