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How Kubernetes can benefit your business

Build agile, scalable and cost efficient cloud-native applications

Future-proof your organisation

K8s is designed to support scalable applications. Growing as and when you need to.

No vendor lock-in

Switch cloud vendors seamlessly when using Kubernetes technology.

Optimise IT Costs

Use resource allocation to save on ecosystem management and automations to reduce IT operational tasks.

Agile applications

Create and deploy agile applications through containerised workloads and services. Scale applications and infrastructure resources up or down based on the needs of your system.

Stable and resilient systems

K8s provides a framework that runs resilient systems that distributes your fretwork traffic to ensure stability too.

Reduce development & release timeframes

Kubernetes simplifies the development, release and deployment process, allowing for faster timeframes.

Power your business with Kubernetes

Transform your technological infrastructure into a scalable, reliable and agile system.

Talk to a Kubernetes expert

Stackgenie Kubernetes Services

Kubernetes Advisory

We assess your unique needs and explain how best to adopt and deploy kubernetes, as well as offer advice on industry best practices including security and RBAC (role-based access control).

Kubernetes Implementation, Support & Maintenance

Our extensive knowledge and experience as a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider means that we not only implement and deploy your applications, we also provide continuous support and maintenance, following industry best practices, too.

Application Migration Assessment

We assess your existing applications’ suitability to migrate over to a Kubernetes infrastructure.

Infrastructure Optimisation

For existing Kubernetes-based applications, our Kubernetes experts optimise your infrastructure to improve agility, scalability and cost efficiency.

CI/CD Pipeline Implementation

Achieve a seamless implementation process for your applications from development through to making them operational with continuous integration (CI) or continuous deployment (CD) pipelines

Find out how you can use Kubernetes to future-proof your business.

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